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Eradicating Bacteria and Viruses 

I  work successfully using a particular Light Frequency to eradicate bacteria, viruses and pollution, for a majority of clients.

     I have developed(with teaching and guidance from the Healing Masters) a particular High Frequency vibrational energy healing method.

     For several years I've worked for many clients, to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. From client reports, this technique has been shown to be very successful.

     It is especially helpful if you are suffering from Lyme Disease, where typically, during one session, the Lyme bacteria have been successfully eradicated from the body.* If there are also several Lyme co-infections, I can usually complete the eradication in one session. This is the first stage of the process. I may in a second session do the eradication of the Lyme and co-infection bacteria again, just to be doubly sure.

     Second, during the next session, I will begin eradication of the Lyme and co-infection bio-toxins. Researchers believe the bio-toxins cause 80 to 90% of the Lyme symptoms. I  recommend this removal of bio-toxins for a second, third, and even fourth session. I also encourage the patient to continue their detoxing on their own with guidance from a nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, or other professional who can advise about detoxing. 

     Third, I would do healing work on the patient to heal the systems and/or organs that were affected by the Lyme bacteria and bio-toxins, following the eradication sessions. This might be for another two or three sessions. The level of complete reversal of symptoms is usually dependent on how long the person was suffering from Lyme Disease, and to what extent the body has been impacted. This work can be done in person or by distance healing,  so the patient can be at home, or come to my office. No medications, no machines, no needles are used.

*According to my patients' testimonials and reversal of symptoms.                


Removal of Pollution

     After many sessions of removing viruses and bacteria from patients I began to use the High Frequency Light to remove various types of pollution from the physical body.  I do eradication to remove pollutants such as environmental toxins (industrial and agricultural), lead and mercury, heavy metals, geoengineering toxic metals such as barium, aluminum, and fluoride and others, mold, and radon.
I employ another wave length of light, to neutralize EMF (electromagnetic charge), microwaves, radiation, and other types of harmful waves.

I have also been working on eradicating plaque from the blood system for various clients.

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