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healing  services

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           Your healing sessions can include: medical intuitive assessments;  energy/vibrational healing; eradication of unwanted viruses, bacteria, and pollution; channeled messages and teachings from Higher Guidance; counseling based on intuitive messages; communications from your Spirit Guides; past life readings, healings, and portraits; past life regressions; and Sacred Ceremonies- such as Plant Spirit Medicine, or mending of a Fractured Soul, for example.

         I understand the healing process to involve three "components". There is yourself, the client; myself, the practitioner; and Sacred Spirit, or Creator, wherein all possibilities reside. My role is to be the door opener. I access the Higher Spirit, and strive to make the pathway between you, and Spirit stronger, clearer, and long-lasting. We all three have our own parts to play: Spirit or All That Is, is always there, ready to help, of unlimited potential; I work to make that strong pathway between you and Spirit; and you are required to take initiative, to open yourself to Spirit. Your life and soul pathway, your karma, the teachings you are working through, all have influence on how you receive the healing power from Spirit, and how your healing takes form.

          Spirit has taught and guided me since my early years. Along with my energy healing work for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, I am prepared to assist you in opening to and receiving from Spirit more fully, energies of Light, Healing, and Joy; and teachings of Truth, Wisdom and Compassion. You are moving into a new and expanded state of being, and being in the world.  You are opening more fully to your relation with All That Is.

          At the minimum, your physical body and whole self will feel much lighter and clearer from this healing work. You will most likely feel wonderful peace, increased joy and positivity from your session.

Basic Energy Healing

Eradicating Bacteria and Viruses

Channeled Messages and Teachings

Past Life Readings and Portraits

Past Life Healing Work

Traditional Ceremonies

Other Ceremonies

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