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Other Ceremonies

     Additional Ceremonies that can be done within a Healing Session, are the Mending of the Auric Shield, Strengthening of the Auric Shield, and receiving Guidance from the Crystal Realms.

Mending Auric Shield

      This work is done within a healing ceremony if the field reads as having a rift or hole. I will mend that, with help from Spirit Beings. This will repair the Auric Shield, and bring the whole vibrational field into symmetry. Thus the patient will not be losing their energy out of the hole in their field any longer.

 Protection- Strengthening Auric Shield

     If the patient is having problems with their boundaries being trespassed upon, or needing increased protection, I do a ceremony to increase the strength and vitality of their auric shield.

 Guidance from Crystal Realms

     At the beginning of the healing session, I will first do the reading about the frequency of the vibration of the patient's 5 levels- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and vibrational.  I will then channel in Light energy to lift their vibration.

     Following that, I will ask the Crystal Spirits what crystals they recommend for the client. They do an infusion of Crystal Light energy into the client, and show me the crystals that they recommend for the client at that time.    

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