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      These client testimonials are from clients of different ages, and with various different conditions and symptoms.


"I was most amazed when Jill got out her anatomy book to help her heal a fifteen year old elbow injury. She was guided to focus on a tendon I had never even heard of, and with her healing skill made my joint more functional than it had been in well over a decade. Other obscure ailments, focusing on the microbiota of my gastrointestinal system were also greatly improved with Jill's healing talent. Her ability to zero in on my recurring "medical mysteries" has been amazing. Thanks Jill!!"

Amy, Mass.



"Thank you for the healing work you provided during my recovery from a head injury that I received from a fall. The resulting trauma was felt throughout my whole body which you were able to assess and begin to heal. I had severe headaches that you were able to alleviate after the first session. Successive sessions helped restore my balance, eliminate dizziness, and begin my return back to normal again. Your healing work is very helpful and effective."

Madelyn, LMT, MA



"I had been experiencing nightly sleeplessness, trembling, rapid heart beat, difficulty catching my breath and numerous other symptoms for 9 months. I was suffering serious exhaustion. Doctors diagnosed me with anxiety. When they were unable to help relieve my symptoms, even with anti-anxiety drugs, I found Jill. After my first session with Jill, I slept through the night and continued to do so. I have had several sessions with Jill and have found that my symptoms are either gone or greatly reduced. Thank you Jill."

Janet J., New Hartford, CT


"Jill has helped me several times in my life, beginning when I was 11 years old. At that point I was too young for conventional, western doctors to diagnose my bipolar disorder, but I was of course still having immense struggles-and Jill was there at multiple critical points before, during, and after my diagnosis (11, 17, and 21 years old, respectively). Her in depth sessions have worked to heal issues relating to past lives, misalinged chakras (each one clumped near my head), poisoning from toxic metals/rediation/pollution, density around my heart chakra, and difficulties related to the physical brain structure. She investigates most every possibility and is so kind in her interactions, providing keen insight and helpful suggestions for how best one can care for themselves during their daily life. All of this makes clear that she truly wants her clients to heal, and I would recommend her to anyone who asks. "

Marisa R., Somerville, MA

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