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Summary of the Energy Healing Session

     The client lies comfortably on a massage table, or bed, and is fully clothed.                                  

I  stand or sit at the side of the table, and move back and forth as I work on various locations of the client.

I  do not put my hands on the client. I'm working in and through the electromagnetic or vibrational field surrounding and including the client's physical body.

     Using my hands and dousing tool, sources of conditions and symptoms are located, including locating sources of symptoms that haven’t been able to be diagnosed and treated correctly. Areas of negative density are located. The healing assessment is done in a matter of minutes, without using any machines.

     Once determined, the areas of dis-ease are cleared of negative or blocked energies, by pulling the negative density out of the client's vibrational or electromagnetic field, which includes their physical body. At the same time Sacred Healing Light Energy is directed into the client’s field and body. The Sacred Light Energy moves from my hands into the client through their vibrational field and then into their cells.

     From Colin Lambert, our founder, “This is precisely what ‘Auric/Magnetic Healing’ is. It is the drawing away of unwanted “dross” (negative density) and the turning of the body cells that are out of phase, back into the correct frequency.”   


Medical Intuitive Assessments/Readings

     As a Certified practitioner of Magnetic(Auric) Healers Unlimited, the first step of any healing session is the medical intuitive assessment of the client's physical body and vibrational field.

 Please see for more information about our organization, and our healing work.

     Although I will not be placing my hands directly on the client's body, I will use my hands and dousing tools to “read” the energy of the person's vibrational field and body. I read or assess the field and body to find the areas of the most negative density, or low frequency, which equals illness. I need to remove this negative density vibration from the patient.

     I do the “reading” to find the source of an illness, or the source of symptoms. I am working to determine what organs have the most negative density, which I will then remove or clear from the vibrational field and the physical body. I locate which systems have the most density that need clearing. I assess organs to check for any situations such as cysts or tumors. I check the patient for common diseases, pollution, viruses and bacteria, and so on. I also do readings on numerous other aspects.


Energy/Vibrational Healing

     The energy healing occurs when negative density is removed from unwell areas.


     Once I have started determining what is going on in the patient's vibrational field and physical body, I will start doing the energy healing. I will be working with my two hands above and around the person's body to remove the negative density out of their field and body. The density that I feel and locate is a vibrational density, a negative density that leads to or is a sign of illness. I draw my hands together to collect the density, and then I throw it away from the person. It is a density at the vibrational or sub-atomic level. Clearing out this density caused by a lower vibration, allows the vibration of the client's field to move back into it's right frequency. This higher frequency then moves from the vibrational level to the proton and neutron level, then to the level of the atom, the molecule, the cell, the tissue, and then the organ. What I am working on is changing the vibrational frequency of the patient's field and physical body from a lower vibration to a higher one, to attain the level of wellness. While the person is being cleared, I am channeling in Sacred Healing Light Energy, flowing into the area that I am working on, and into the patient's field and physical body overall.

I move back and forth, between assessments and then clearings, and infusing the client with Healing Light.


Spirit-Based Intuitive Counseling

     Whenever I am doing counseling with the client, I am receiving guidance from Spirit, which is helpful for the client.


     During the first session you will be sharing your health history with me. We will also talk as much as you wish about issues, problems, blocks you are having, in that session and in others following. When talking with you I am already “ in ceremony”, since you first walk in the door. As we talk I may see images of your Spirit Guides, your ancestors, yourself in a past life, for instance. I can also receive by hearing or sensing, intuitive messages or messages from Spirit, to pass on to you, about questions you have, or teachings for your benefit, or about something that is critical for you to be aware of.

In my counseling I might relate to you stories from my own life to present certain teachings.

I especially strive to aid you in rewriting sub-conscious and conscious messages that might have been keeping you churning your wheels and not moving forward, caught in fear and doubt.

My goal is to assist you in attaining lasting healing through awareness and attainment of self-love, self-compassion, self-esteem, and self-empowerment. Self-love and knowledge will become a foundation for your relationship with self, and all your other relationships with All That Is.

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