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Channeled Messages and Teachings

    In every session I am able to receive important guidance for my clients by means of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Channeled Messages and Teachings from Higher Guidance

     I receive intuitive or channeled messages in different ways. I might hear them, but more often the communication takes the form or a hologram- feeling, insights, and a language that is not English. I also see pictures along with messages, and see Spirit Guides, Protectors, and Ancestors, as well as Spirit Beings in other forms than human, such as a bear or fox. At any time during the session I might receive messages and teachings from Higher Spiritual Beings, for the benefit of the client, through the various clairvoyant channels. 

Communication from Patient's Spirit Guides

     Also during the session I may receive pictures, hear or sense messages that are intended specifically for the patient from their own Spirit Guides. It might be a case where the patient has not voiced any certain question out loud, but their Guides in Spirit wish to give them assistance.

     The patient can ask any questions that they want, and it's good to come prepared.

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