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Past Life Readings, Trauma Healing, and  past life Portraits*

    Past Life Readings are done to help answer important questions that the client has, about people in their life, relationships, and life choices, for example.

     Whether the patient has requested a past life reading, or information has come up in the session that indicates that I should investigate a past life for the patient, I will do the past life reading within a healing ceremony- either in person, or by doing distance healing. I will see the events of the past life and I will tell or record the story of what I see. Then I will provide a copy for the client, if it is a distance healing. If the client has more questions about their past life, we can go back to that past life in another session for further investigation.  

     There are usually significant teachings for the client from their past life time, that are lessons for this lifetime. And in the ceremony the Healing Masters will help bring healing for the trauma the client experienced, from past life events.

      Also, with my background as a portrait artist, I  am able to draw or paint a realistic portrait of the client as they looked in the past life. Either drawn in pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, or pastel; or painted in watercolor or oils. The portrait will look very life-like. Seeing the portrait seems to be a very significant experience for the client.

     The reading is done within one healing ceremony. The portrait can be done separately in approximately 5 -20 hours depending on the medium chosen. 


*Past Life Portraits are exclusive to my practice

This is a portrait for a client that illustrates what he looked like in one of his past lives. I did the past life reading and healing in a distance healing session for him, and following that I did the portrait.
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