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Traditional Ceremonies

  Traditional Ceremonies that I also do for clients are Plant Spirit Medicine, Mending of Fractured Souls,  Removal of Attached Spirits, and Healing Historical Trauma at various locations.

Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony

     If the patient requests, or it is indicated by Spirit, that the Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony is needed, I will do this work in a separate ceremony. The Sacred Plant Spirits are petitioned, and the Plant Spirit who wants to help the patient will come forward to aid them. The Plant Spirit leads the ceremony, and works with the patient in many various ways. I am holding the ceremony,  and observing the ceremony, and how the Plant Spirit works with the patient.

My role is to hold the ceremony, and to record for the client what occurs. I also channel any guidance and teachings from the Plant Spirit for the assistance of the patient.

A Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony can be very helpful for many kinds of conditions, whether, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


Mending Fractured Soul or Soul Retrieval

     If my reading shows that the patient is suffering from a Fractured Soul from past life trauma, I will do a ceremony to repair this. A Fractured Soul means that trauma in their Past Life caused Soul Parts to be thrown out into wider realms. In ceremony, I will see or vision the past life, and see when, where, and how the patient died and suffered the trauma that caused the fractured soul. I look for any wider dynamics also. I will do a Healing ceremony that has specific actions so that the fractured parts will be drawn back to the soul, and united again. Than the patient can go forward with their soul being integrated and whole again.

The ceremony of mending a Fractured Soul in bringing the soul back to an integrated state, is positive for forward movement in every area of one's life.

    Removal of Attached Spirit

     When the initial reading shows that the patient is suffering from an Attached Spirit, I will hold a specific Healing ceremony, focusing on helping and guiding that Attached Spirit back to the Light. I will communicate with the Attached Spirit, and find out what had happened to them when they died. I will ask  why they are with this person and help them move on. I will then help them to journey to rejoin their family and loved ones in Spirit.    

This ceremony to remove the Attached Spirit, helps a client to have much more energy, since they will no longer be drained by “supporting” the Attached Spirit.    

    Healing Historical Trauma in Home Area (from battle or massacre)

     If, when doing a reading on the home environment, I see that there is Historical Trauma, I will hold a separate ceremony where Spirit Beings from the Higher Realms will be asked to come in to mend the trauma in the area. I am an observer of the ceremony, and record what is done for the area. This ceremony is important for all the people living in a location, bringing more peace of mind, and other positive results. Also it is healing for any people who died from the trauma in the past.

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