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The best way to reach me is by telephone. I try my best to get
back to you within one or two days.

Sometimes in crisis situations I am able to do healing for you on the same day. I will schedule you in as soon as I can, but generally you might want to figure a few days to a week until you can have a session.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment there will be a fee of 50% of what you usually pay me, as that time was reserved for you.


As a traditionally trained healer, I follow the ways of
ancient medicine people, so I do not charge set rates. 

     Healing work with Spirit, for the healing and counseling of others cannot have a set charge. A set fee would prohibit those with no or low income from getting help, and Spirit does not seek to help only the well to do. Spirit does not work that way, and is not exclusionary.

     Therefore, I am paid by donations, and suggest a sliding scale, based on one's economic status. On the average, I would ask a person with income or assets who can afford to have a massage, say at $80. per hour, to pay me the same rate per hour, at the minimum.

     For a full 1 ½ hour session I am usually paid about $75-$100 per hour, by people who are steadily employed, with expendable income. I expect that clients of this economic level can pay me per hour at least what massage people are being paid, in the area.

People who can afford vacations, second homes, etc, pay me $100 or up per hour.

People on disability, or unemployed without income, pay much less. Obviously homeless people are not required to pay anything.

     No one is turned away.   

     In-person sessions are usually an hour and a half, but can be an hour if necessary.

     Distance sessions involve a half hour or more total conversation before and after the session, and an hour of healing work in ceremony. We will not be on the phone during the hour of distance healing, since I do not talk a lot during the session.


     For an in-person session you can pay me with a check or cash.

     For distance sessions, you can mail me a check, to be received before the session time. Or you can use Pay Pal. You would set up an account, and then go to my email- - to send a payment.

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