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 I was raised in the Congregational Christian Church. I grew up here, in Huntington, MA, a small rural community in the hills of Western Massachusetts. My grandparents on my mother's side were farmers. On my mother's side I am French Canadian (possibly Mohawk, Abenaki, and Micmac), and English. On my father's side I am Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, and English. Those ancestors were engineers, artists, and farmers too. I have ministers on both my father's and mother's sides. I remember communicating with animals, birds, stones, trees and other beings of the natural world since I was a child, and I still do.


 I began studying yoga and meditation in about 1972, while I was in college as an art major. I also began studying Native American spiritual ways at that time. I felt closely aligned to the Native spiritual beliefs.


I worked in Finland for 2 years after college, 1976-1978, as an artist and a teacher. I was in a serious car accident there, and broke my lower back. I was paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors did not believe I would walk again. During those weeks in the hospital, for the first time consciously, I used my focusing, and meditation training, to work with my brain and endocrine system to control the pain I was experiencing. After 6 weeks in the hospital, I was able to walk again, as my spinal cord healed since it had not been severed. Then I learned to cross-country ski!


In 1978, I moved to Cape Cod, and worked with Autistic children in a residential setting.

There I met and married my daughters' father, who is part Wampanoag. The tribe is based in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

After we were married in 1982, I began my first art and design business, FIRST LIGHT DESIGNS. I did graphic design, illustrations, and portraits. We lived in Chatham, Mass.

I have two daughters, the first born in 1983, and the second born in 1991.

I attended various Wampanoag events for Native rights, starting in 1979, and I made Wampanoag friends.  Also, my husband's cousin (who is part Wampanoag and Penobscot) took me to a gathering with a Medicine Man from the Lakota people. That was in about 1985.  After that gathering, I began to take part in many, many sweat lodges, and healing ceremonies, all led by Native Spiritual Elders. I have been in ceremony with Elders from many tribes: Wampanoag, Lakota, Navajo, Micmac, Abenaki, Ojibwe, Yurok, Penobscot, Mohawk, Pequot, and Narragansett. My experiential training in holding sacred ceremony began in 1985, and continues to this day.


In 1990 I changed my art business to decorative painting of furniture, accessories, and interiors, DECORATIVE FINISHES.

I became a single parent in 1997, and we separated. My daughters and I moved to our home here in Huntington.


I worked in decorative painting until 2002 when I was too sick with a misdiagnosed brain tumor. It was correctly determined in May 2003, from an MRI, and I had a lengthy major brain surgery to remove the grapefruit sized tumor in June, of 2003. It had caused immobilizing pain for 4 years, and during the last 2 years of the tumor, caused the loss of my abilities in self care, or any ability to be independent and mobile. During the last year my younger daughter had to dress and feed me.


The brain surgeon said it was a miracle that I survived the tumor and the brain surgery, so I felt and still feel today especially blessed by Spirit. After surviving the brain surgery, I realized that Creator must have a reason for keeping me around.

In September 2003, Colin Lambert, the founder of Magnetic (Auric) Healers Unlimited was touring the U.S. from New Zealand. He came to do his workshop at a spiritual retreat center next to my house in Huntington. I was brought there by my aunt and my partner at the time, because they needed a sick person for Mr. Lambert to demonstrate with. 

It was 3 months after the brain surgery, and I was not doing well, having a relapse of sorts. I was laid on the floor when they brought me to the workshop, as I couldn't sit up. Gradually, as I was affected by Mr. Lambert's healing energy, I got stronger and stronger. This was before he had even worked on me directly.

I was strong enough after he worked on me for his demonstration, that I was able to join the workshop, and he later initiated me in this type of vibrational energy healing method.

That fall I practiced on friends and family members. In early 2004 I officially began my work with my first clients. I have been focused full time since then, for the last 15 years, on doing this "Magnetic/Auric Healing", for clients locally in Western Mass., and for others around the world.

See my facebook page at JILL ELDREDGE-HEALING SPIRIT.

I am doing some art work again, and am having a great time combining it with the healing work. I have been doing past life readings with optional portraits showing how the client looked in their past life.

You can see my Fine Arts facebook page at OLD NORWICH STUDIOS, and also on Etsy.


MY TRAINING as a Healer

My training has mainly been as a Traditional Ceremonialist. Beginning in 1985, I learned experientially with Native Spiritual Elders, mainly from North America. I also was in ceremony with Caribbean shamans, South American shamans, Siberian shamans, Traditional African Spiritual Elders, and Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist Spiritual Elders.                                                         A large part of what I learned in traditional ceremony, was about how one must prepare to hold traditional ceremony; how to hold the ceremonial sacred space: how to correctly open and close the ceremony; how to strongly protect the client and the practitioner; how to make the clear and strong connection with Spirit; how to petition the Spirit Beings; how to make offerings; and how to receive and interpret messages and teachings.


I also am a certified practicing member of MAGNETIC (AURIC) HEALERS UNLIMITED

This is an international organization of medical intuitive/vibrational energy healers.

The organization is based in New Zealand, and was founded by world renowned Healer, Colin Lambert.

Our Web page is


What is Auric/Magnetic Healing?-from our web page-

“Auric/Magnetic Healing is using (accessing and directing) high vibrational energy through the trained practitioner’s hands to facilitate healing of the auric field and physical body”.

“The auric field (also known as the aura) is a field of electromagnetic vibrations that directly relates to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual.                        

It is an energy field that surrounds the body in the form of “liquid light” which moves and pulses. (This) energy around the outer body flows from the cells of the body; creating the electromagnetic field. This energy field surrounds all living things, e.g. humans, plants and animals.”

I am also a Certified Hypnotist with the NATIONAL GUILD of HYPNOTISTS           P.O Box 308, Merrimack, NH  03054-0308

BA in Education, Univ. of Mass, 1975

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