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further Past life healing 

Past Life Regressions

    When doing a Past Life Regression, I assist the client with hypnotherapy techniques, so that they go into a very deep state of relaxation, and are able to be guided into viewing their past life themselves.

     If a client requests a Past Life Regression, using Hypnotherapy Techniques, I will guide the patient into a deeply relaxed state, and assist them into seeing a past life that is significant to them. I will provide techniques to create safety and distance for them, to protect against them having a too traumatic experience, in the re-experiencing of the past life. I will help the client in their deep state to glean the significant teachings that are part of their past life, that are relevant to their current life. During the client's regression, I take notes which I can copy for the client. The regression can be done in one session, although if the patient wants to revisit the lifetime to answer more questions, that can be done in another session.


Past Life Trauma Healing


     Frequently I get a reading that the patient is experiencing significant trauma carried in their vibrational field, left from past life trauma. In a following healing session I will do a reading or visioning into the relevant past life to see what happened to the person, and what was the trauma. Then I will take action in the ceremony, either with or without the client, if they are present, or not, to heal the trauma. This past life reading and mending the trauma in their field would also be recorded for the client.


Past Life Trauma Wound Healing


     If I get a reading that a patient is suffering from a trauma wound to their physical body in a past life (usually associated with their death), I will do a ceremony where I travel and vision their past life. I find out how they died, and what were the wider dynamics and details. I see what happened to their past physical body, and I begin to heal it in the ceremony. This serious kind of traumatic wounding from a past life, can carry over into handicaps, or weaknesses in the same area in this lifetime. Usually, I only need to work on mending that wounding for one or two more healing ceremonies after the initial one.

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