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Distance  healing

      I do Distance Healing for clients across the US, in Canada, Hawaii, South America, Europe, Asia, and around the planet.


     Distance healing is especially helpful for doing healing work for children. They do not have to make the trip to the healing practitioner, since I can do healing work for them while they are in their familiar environment at home.

     Distance healing is offered for clients who are not able to travel to see me in person, who are in a hospital, who are living too far away to travel, or other reasons.

I do distance healing work for patients around the United States, in Europe, and as far away as China, and Australia.

I know the distance healing work is as effective as having a healing session in person, because of healing successes reported to me in even life or death situations.


     Two examples that come to mind: One was an elderly gentleman who was going into heart surgery, to get stents inserted into arteries in his heart. I did healing work on his heart, while he was in the hospital in Florida. A couple days later when he was being reviewed prior to the surgery, the doctor discovered that the arteries had "corrected themselves" and the surgery wasn't necessary, so it was cancelled.

     Another time was when I was called on Christmas Eve. My patient's husband was in the emergency room in New Hampshire, with toxic shock following mistakes in a gall bladder surgery. I worked that day, and the following to remove harmful bacteria from the patient's abdomen. Not only did he recover from the toxic condition in a timely fashion, but the planned surgery to fix the previous surgery's problems was deemed unnecessary, since the surgical area, where the intestine had been leaking into the abdomen, had "healed itself".


     To set up distance healing you would call me. To do distance healing I need the patient's permission. If they are not able to communicate with me, the request can be from a close family member or loved one. I only need their full name, correctly spelled, and don't need a photo. We set up the time when I am going to work. We would review the patient's symptoms and condition, and anything else you wish me to work on.  At the agreed time I ask the patient to relax, free themselves from life concerns, and imagine that they are in a peaceful haven, having a treatment. The patient should sit comfortably, or lay down.  Then I would work for an hour in ceremony to heal the patient. I am not on the phone with the client during the distance ceremony.                                                                        

     We would decide before hand on a time when we would have a follow up conversation. You would tell me how you had felt during and after the session, and what positive changes you had noticed. And I would relate to you what I had discovered, and what I had worked on. I can send a copy of my notes to you if you request them.


     In this "all connected vibrational field" which we exist within, I'm not sure how to explain how the distance healing works. But it certainly does.        

I'm so thankful that our founder, Colin Lambert, guided me years ago, on how to put distance healing into practice, and that I have been able to offer this to many patients across the U.S. and abroad.                                                                                                                               

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