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Healing animals

          Over the years I have done healing for horses, dogs, and cats mostly, once a snake, and a bird now and then. 

          An example: An older dog had been walking with her owner in a forested area outside a local city. The dog went chasing after a bear that appeared. Unfortunately, the bear had a cub. The bear lashed out at the dog and she received many bear claw gashes that were big, deep, and to the bone. When I did the distance reading on her, I located the areas that had the most serious wounds, even though I hadn't seen her in person since she was mauled. The owner confirmed my distance healing work helped all the serious gashes to heal quickly and very well. It was a really good outcome for the dog.

         It is helpful for clients with animals that I can do the healing work over distance so they don't have to transport the animal to me. This is much less stressful for both the animal and the owner.

This work is especially helpful when you and your vet can't figure out what is wrong with your pet. I do a medical intuitive reading to find out the source(s) of your animal's symptoms, then I work to help them heal. 

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